Cross-Platform Multiplayer Backend as a Service

Making games is hard enough. Leave your backend to us.
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Game Developers

The most fully-featured backend for cross-platform live service games.

From player management to match-making to server orchestration to monetization and analytics. RallyHere has what you need.
Built from the ground up for cross-platform play across PC, console, and mobile.
Proven at Scale
Our platform has brought joy to over 200 million gamers worldwide (and counting).
Built for Live Service
At RallyHere, we know the real work for a GaaS title starts post launch. We have leading edge tools to manage your live service game.
Our trusted clients

What Our Customers Say

RallyHere has been a great partner. Setting up dedicated servers was fast and easy, and their support team is super helpful answering ongoing questions quickly through Slack.

Damon Alberts

CEO/Studio head at Big Moxi Games

“RallyHere will allow us to accelerate the development of ExoGP by leveraging their expertise and tooling for cross-platform accounts, server optimization, and real-time LiveOps management.“

Kevin Beauregard

Founder & CEO at Atmos Labs, Inc.

“The integration of RallyHere's game infrastructure into Prophecy Games' ecosystem was nothing short of impressive...“

Greg Tinney

Principal Software Engineer, Prophecy Games

“With RallyHere's live ops and analytics suites, we're equipped to make data-driven decisions to enhance the player experience in 'Starsiege: Deadzone'.”

Adam Goren

COO, Prophecy Games

“RallyHere's backend platform empowered Rogue Company to smash launch records with 2.5 million sales in 60 days and over 25 million players in one year- the most successful launch of my career!“

Tony Jones

Executive Producer, Rogue Company

The total package

RallyHere’s fully-integrated product suite enables streamlined game development through our foundational services. We offer unified account management, player state, and session management. Once live, easily manage your game through LiveOps tooling and analytics. We work by your side to continuously monitor the performance and health of your game.
  • Player Management
    Our versatile Player Management solution ensures secure logins, cross-platform account linking, customizable gameplay settings, and an all-encompassing inventory system. Engage and retain players with robust cross-platform progression, rewarding achievements, and a social system.
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  • Sessions & Server Orchestration
    Gameflow, our session and server software, optimizes player experiences through tailored matchmaking and session management. Paired with Fleet Commander, it revolutionizes global game-server deployment and optimization, enhancing gameplay while balancing cost and performance for a strategic hosting advantage.
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  • Publishing & LiveOps
    Enhance your game's performance with our Publishing & LiveOps solution, merging commerce, digital merchandising, and dynamic configuration. And seamlessly manage your game's ecosystem through the RallyHere Developer Portal. From community support to time-sensitive events, streamline deployment for consistent innovation and agile market response.
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  • Data & Analytics
    Harness the power of detailed dashboards, dynamic KPI reporting, live telemetry, proprietary event tracking (GETS), and thorough game audits & logs to drive data-driven decisions and amplify the gaming experience.
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