Build vibrant communities with our cross-platform social systems. We offer comprehensive tools for Player Support and Community Management. Leverage our experience to get your product compliant and certified on all major platforms quickly.
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Unlock Cross-Platform Matchmaking: Discover RallyHere’s Cross-Play Solutions!

Get an Overview of the Fully-Integrated Solutions that RallyHere can provide to your Live Service Game! With years of experience working on titles like Divine Knockout, Rogue Company, SMITE, Paladins, and more; the RallyHere team is ready to power your multi-platform backend live operations.

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Create lifelong relationships

Cross-Platform Social Systems
Integrate your community across all existing platforms; adhering to their rules to provide a unified friends list so that you can party with anyone, regardless of platform.
Unified Account
Everything you need for cross-platform account management between all major consoles and devices.
Player Support Tools
Provide high-quality Customer Support for your players with easy access to player inventory, states, and centralized tools.