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RallyHere Docs

Queueing, Matchmaking, and Cross-play

Best Practices

Party Size

If players are queuing for a game mode that doesn’t support the number of players that they currently have in their party, they need to be presented with a list of current party members and have the option to remove them until the party is reduced to the right size for the selected game mode.

Relevant Cert Requirements: Xbox Party Size

Party Changes

If party composition changes while in queue, then the party should be removed from the queue.

Relevant Cert Requirements: PlayStation Party Changes


Because Microsoft requires that Xbox players be able to disable cross-play and only play with other Xbox players, we surface this option deep in the settings menu and prefer to warn players that this may lead to terrible matchmaking.

Relevant Cert Requirements: Xbox Snob Queue

Cert Requirements


Party Changes: Leaving or joining a party while queued for matchmaking should cancel matchmaking.


Party Size: Microsoft requires that you can have more pending invites than members in your party, but that can lead to a “larger party” than can join particular queues.

Snob Queue: Microsoft requires that Xbox players be given the option to only play with other Xbox players, which we have dubbed the “Xbox Snob Queue”.