Frequently Asked Questions. If you need more information, please feel free to email us at sales@rallyhere.gg

What is RallyHere?

RallyHere is a fully integrated platform for live service games, designed to power your multi-platform backend live operations from Development to Post-Launch!

What platforms does RallyHere support?

RallyHere supports all major gaming platforms including PS, Xbox, Epic, Steam, Android, and iOS.

What exactly does RallyHere offer game developers?

RallyHere offers developers a variety of services, including backend services, live operations, and analytics tools, enhancing the ability to develop, launch, and maintain live service games efficiently and cost-effectively.

What makes RallyHere different from other backend solutions?

Unlike other out of the box solutions, RallyHere acts as your Co-Pilot as you navigate the complex universe of Live Service Games!

How does RallyHere help with in-game economies?

We supercharge game economies by streamlining commerce operations - from scheduling sales and pricing changes to analyzing player behavior. Our robust tools allow you to easily create purchasable, earnable, or rentable items, launch limited-time events, and gain data-driven insights to optimize your monetization strategy.

Can RallyHere handle the operation of a large-scale game?

Absolutely! RallyHere’s services are scalable and designed to operate games of any size; whether you have a CCU of 100 or a CCU of 1,000,000. We’ve powered Live Service games for over 150 million players worldwide.

Does RallyHere offer post-launch support for games?

From pre-production to post-launch, our end-to-end live operations are there to support you every step of the way! We excel at post-launch support and our goal is the continued success of our partners Live Service Titles.

How was RallyHere founded?

RallyHere’s team is headed up by veterans in the Gaming industry, including Stewart Chisam (CEO), Trevor Williams (CRO), and Phil Collins (CTO), alongside a team of experienced staff from Hi-Rez Ventures.

What is RallyHere’s mission?

Our team is dedicated to democratizing the live service gaming industry by enabling developers of all sizes to compete with industry giants in launching and operating successful live service games!

What successful live-service games has RallyHere powered?

The RallyHere platform has successfully been used in live-service games such as Starsiege: Deadzone, Rogue Company, Divine Knockout, SMITE, and Paladins.

How can I contact RallyHere?

You can reach out to our support team through the ‘Demo’ button on our website. Fill in the form with your details and our team will get back to you shortly!

What kinds of KPI reporting do you offer?

Not only do we provide live game analytics reporting and dashboards, we help you understand target key metrics like DAUs, MAUs, ARPDAU, Acquisition, short-term retention, long-term retention, customer acquisition costs (CAC) and player lifetime value (LTV). Fundamental liveOps metrics we measure include CCUs, response time, error rate, bandwidth usage, server uptime, latency, database performance, CPU and memory usage, and network usage. Because we understand each game is unique, we offer the capability to push custom events, whether it is through RallyHere’s data analytics, 3rd party tools like Unity Analytics, or your own cloud provider.