Elevate your multiplayer gaming experience with RallyHere's cross-platform and cross-play matchmaking and game flow solutions. From optimizing P2P configurations to managing dedicated servers, RallyHere ensures your player’s reliable game instances and server uptime.
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Unlock Cross-Platform Matchmaking: Discover RallyHere’s Cross-Play Solutions!

Get an Overview of the Fully-Integrated Solutions that RallyHere can provide to your Live Service Game! With years of experience working on titles like Divine Knockout, Rogue Company, SMITE, Paladins, and more; the RallyHere team is ready to power your multi-platform backend live operations.

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Optimize your Multiplayer Experience

Cross-Platform & Cross-Play
Connect your players across all major Platforms and services. Allow for player progression to be transferable across linked accounts.
Robust tools to manage all aspects of cross-platform multiplayer match-making and instance-server management.
Dedicated Servers
Support diverse server configurations including Peer-to-peer (P2P), user-hosted dedicated servers, and managed dedicated servers. Always insure an optimized player experience.
Game Instance Fleet Manager
Optimize your global game-server instance fleet across a diverse array of server types. These include customer-owned instances, cloud, and bare metal servers.
Pre-Made Major Game Types
Built-in functionality to support all popular game types such as: Ranked & Unranked, Practice & Tutorial, and Custom Lobbies.
Custom Matches
Provide the ability to create public or private matches; giving your players the flexibility to modify any aspects of the match, modes, team size, maps, and more!