Additional Add-Ons

Add-on services to support your game from testing through launch.

Premium Analytics

Managed data warehouse solution built on top of Microsoft Fabric architecture. Priced according to customer requirements.

Anti-toxicity Solution

RallyHere analytics team will provide on-going statistical analysis to detect Aimbots, Bot Players, toxic username, toxic chat, and will identify and flag instances of potential toxic reporting.

Professional Services

We provide optional end-to-end support services to optimize integration with our platform and accelerate your team’s success.

Onboarding & Implementation

We will set up RallyHere environment(s) to support your game utilizing the RallyHere offerings above.

Developer Training

Our developers can work with your team to get them up to speed faster so you can get back to making fun games.

Analytics & Machine Learning

Leveraging data science and AI to uncover player sentiment and optimize game performance.

Technical Consulting

Expert guidance on architecture, integrations, and technical planning for multiplayer games.

Custom Development

Building bespoke features and solutions tailored to your game’s specific needs.

Performance & Scale Testing

Execute large-scale stress tests across server fleets and infrastructure to validate stability and performance.