How SMITE 2 Game Developers are Using RallyHere to Upgrade their Backend Services for the Next Generation

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As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the need for resilient, scalable, and flexible backend systems has never been more critical. At RallyHere, we are committed to providing game developers the tools they need to succeed in this dynamic and high-pressure environment. Our recent success with the SMITE 2 Closed Alpha test weekends highlights the transformative strength of our cross-platform multiplayer backend-as-a-service.

From SMITE 1 to RallyHere: A Journey of Innovation

RallyHere originated from the backend systems used for SMITE 1 and other Hi-Rez Studios games. Recognizing the need for modernization to support next-generation games, we embarked on a journey to overhaul our approach completely. This modernization has unlocked numerous capabilities, allowing us to take gaming technology to new heights.

A Fully Managed Backend Service

One of the core strengths of RallyHere is our fully managed backend service. We handle everything from the backend systems to the game servers, freeing developers from the complexities of server management. This comprehensive service includes:

Dynamic Updates and Real-Time Feature Management

Traditional backend systems often require downtime for updates and configuration changes. With RallyHere, these processes are now dynamic and real-time. Developers can turn features on and off, adjust configurations, and deploy changes without interrupting gameplay. This capability is particularly valuable for responding to player feedback and addressing issues promptly.

Scalable and Flexible Architecture

RallyHere’s architecture is designed to scale dynamically, handling hundreds of millions of players without compromising performance. Our platform’s flexibility allows it to adapt to the specific needs of any type of game, supporting a wide range of game modes and custom configurations. This scalability was crucial during the SMITE 2 Closed Alpha, where we managed high player loads and ensured a smooth experience.

Collaboration and Support

At RallyHere, we believe in close collaboration with game developers. Our “bear hug” approach to support ensures that our technical team works hand-in-hand with game developers and producers, providing immediate assistance and resolving issues swiftly. This partnership guarantees that games run smoothly and players enjoy an optimal experience.

Building for the Future

The success of the SMITE 2 Closed Alpha test weekends is just the beginning. As we prepare for the 24x7 Closed Beta later this year and the Open Beta in 2025, RallyHere will continue to innovate and enhance our platform. Our goal is to provide a foundation that supports the creative vision of game developers, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Join Us on the Journey

We are excited about the future and invite you to join us on this journey today. Whether you are a gaming executive looking for a robust backend solution or a developer eager to build the next generation of successful multiplayer games, RallyHere is here to support you.

For more information, schedule a 30 minute consultation or reach us at Together, we will sustainably build the future of gaming.


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