RallyHere announces partnership with Titan Forge Games to provide live-service support for cross-platform MOBA sequel, SMITE 2

Alpharetta, GA — Jan. 19, 2024 —

RallyHere, a fully integrated platform for cross-platform video games-as-a-service, has announced a new partnership to provide live service operations support for SMITE 2, the recently announced and long-awaited sequel to the world’s #1 cross-platform MOBA in development from Titan Forge Games.

RallyHere, a wholly-owned subsidiary of global video games company Hi-Rez Ventures, offers game developers a fully integrated product suite that covers all the key features necessary to run live service games across multiple platforms. The technology was developed over nearly 20 years within Hi-Rez Studios and has already been used by over 200 million gamers worldwide via titles such as Rogue Company, SMITE, and Paladins. Currently, they are working with external partners to power the backend of 5 different games, plus 6 additional games from Hi-Rez Studios.

Titan Forge Games, the largest of Hi-Rez’s in-house studios, has a player base in excess of 40 million and houses the team behind the BAFTA award-winning game SMITE. Devoted to exploring and investing in the potential of the SMITE universe, they deliver god-like, action-packed, and accessible video game worlds rooted in mythological origins and modern themes. This dedication enables a global audience to experience epic-scale competition with a worldwide cast.

Alex Cantatore, Executive Producer at Titan Forge Games said

It’s not just the game engine that is getting a strictly better upgrade from SMITE to SMITE 2. We are excited to take advantage of the new features and capabilities within RallyHere’s modern backend infrastructure. RallyHere gives us the confidence to publish SMITE 2 on multiple platforms at launch, so players can team up with friends worldwide, regardless of platform!

Stewart Chisam, Founder & CEO at RallyHere said

RallyHere is proud to power SMITE 2! Building, launching, and maintaining a new matchmaking system that can handle even more concurrent users, reimagining ranks, while powering full crossplay and improving the item store - we’re thrilled to partner with SMITE 2 and the Titan Forge developer and business teams!

Nancy Garcia, nancy@rallyhere.gg

About RallyHere

RallyHere is a fully integrated, battle-tested backend game platform and service, powering matchmaking, server orchestration, cross-platform accounts, analytics, in-game store, live operations, and more. RallyHere was founded in early 2023 by veterans of Hi-Rez Studios, to bring world-class live-services operations to game developers of all sizes, making it easier than ever to build and operate cross-platform games. Headquartered in Alpharetta, the team is headed up by CEO Stewart Chisam, COO John Workman, VP Sales & Partnerships Bart Koenigsberg, and CTO Phil Collins, alongside a team of 46, including many ex-Hi-Rez staff. RallyHere is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global video games company Hi-Rez Ventures, with offices in the USA and United Kingdom.

About Titan Forge Games

SMITE 2 is being designed and developed by the team at Titan Forge Games, who have spent the last decade focused on SMITE. The team is built of developers who have been working on SMITE since day one, former SMITE pros and community members, and experienced developers who love SMITE. The average SMITE 2 team member has more than 6 years of experience working at Titan Forge Games or a sister studio.