Player Management

Our versatile Player Management solution ensures secure logins, cross-platform account linking, customizable gameplay settings, and an all-encompassing inventory system. Engage and retain players with robust cross-platform progression, rewarding achievements, and a social system.


Seamless single sign-on authentication across all major platforms simplifies implementation, providing an effortless way to authenticate players.
Account Linking
Enables the creation of a unified progression and inventory system for players with linked accounts, allowing them to seamlessly maintain their game advancement and item collections across various platforms. By integrating this feature, developers can provide players with a hassle-free gaming experience, focused on uninterrupted gameplay progression.
With rich inventory capabilities, ranging from consumables and durables to transient and persistent items, as well as platform-exclusive features built-in, developers have full control over how to manage inventory while providing players with a consistent way to manage their in-game inventory on any platform.
Enrich gameplay experiences through a robust XP/leveling reward system, with integrated support for cross-progression and the inclusion of platform achievements, driving player motivation and engagement.
Track and store arbitrary player progression, easily integrating with 1st party achievement systems.
Dynamic currency and resource management capabilities to build immersive player experiences with multi-currency support. Whether it is hard or earned currency, allow players to redeem in-game items.
Social System
Connect players, form communities, and enable sharing of in-game player experiences, fostering a vibrant game environment. From friend lists and messaging, to guilds and cooperative challenges, developers can seamlessly integrate social elements to unite friends across platforms while automatically adhering to specific platform social rules.
Generalized system for developers to save in-game player level configurations, such as character loadouts, key-bindings, and many more.