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RallyHere Docs

Welcome to RallyHere!

RallyHere’s fully-integrated product suite enables streamlined game development through our foundational services. We offer unified account management, player state, and session management. Built for cross-platform play across PC, console, and mobile, our platform has connected over 200 million gamers worldwide. Once live, easily manage your game through LiveOps tooling and analytics. We work in close collaboration with developers and publishers to continuously monitor and optimize the performance and health of your game.

Purpose-built for your engine of choice

RallyHere includes a rich set of plugins for various game engines to make integration and development as easy as possible. There are many advantages to this approach, but the chief advantage is maintainability. We want developers to feel comfortable investigating the code we provide. To ensure it accomplishes their goals and increases comfort with the code style - which makes the code easier to debug and modify when developers need it to behave differently.

Integrating the RallyHere SDK

Once logged into the RallyHere Dev Portal, you can download the RallyHere SDK for your game engine of choice.

Detailed integration and API documentation can be found in our Developer Docs. Our SDKs provide everything needed to start leveraging RallyHere’s multiplayer services in your game.

Use what you need, and nothing more

All the RallyHere integration layers can function as a stopping point if you want. We provide these layers to allow developers to decide what kind of integration they want to use.

Integration Layers

RallyHere Integration Layers

Layer 1: RallyHere APIs

The Sandbox API Specification is the lowest level of integration and is the most flexible. These are RESTful APIs and can be used from any language or platform that supports HTTP requests. They are defined using an OpenAPI specification file, which is available here: (Insert Link?)

Layer 2: RallyHere SDK

The RallyHere SDK is generated using OpenAPI specifications to be language/engine specific which includes all the necessary libraries to call the RallyHere APIs.

If you’re using an engine or technology not directly supported by RallyHere, you can either utilize our APIs directly or collaborate with us to create a custom SDK for your engine.

Layer 3: Engine Integration

RallyHere provides a plugin (or series of plugins) for each of our primary supported game engines that aids in integration. These plugins are written to solve several complexities:

  • Best Practices - Our plugins are written to follow best practices for the API calls and the engine.

  • Caching - Many of our APIs include responses that are cacheable to avoid unnecessary calls or data transfer.

  • Refreshing - Many of our APIs expect the client to poll for changes.

  • Platform Integration - Engines often include standard practices for authentication, purchasing, and other social features for each platform. Our plugins are written to manage many of the connection points between the engine and the RallyHere APIs.

Debug Tools

Every engine integration also includes a debug tool. This tool was developed alongside the integration layer and allows developers to quickly debug the integration with a UI overlay. This overlay is built to work on all platforms and engines; allowing inspection of the many components of the integration as well as tracking of individual web requests flowing through the system.

Layer 4: Example Game

Some of our supported engines also include sample games that can be used as a reference for how to use the integration layer in your game, or as a starting point for your game. These games are designed to be as simple as possible but include several features that are common to many games.