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Version: Updated: 2023-11-29 16:56:05


Documentation for the Roles schema

Roles Schema

last_modified_account_idstringNoAccount ID of the user who last modified the resource
last_modified_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was last modified
created_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was created
sandbox_idstringNoID of the Sandbox
namestringNoName of the resource
descriptionstringNoDescription of the resource
custom_dataobjectNoCustom data associated with the resource
login_loot_rewardsarrayNoList of login loot rewards for this role
role_idstringNoUnique Identifier for this Role
legacy_role_idintegerNoLegacy role ID for this role
auth_bypassobjectNoSee schema

Auth_bypass Enum Values

noneThis role cannot bypass auth.
lockedThis role can bypass auth if the game is in locked access mode.
limitedThis role can bypass auth if the game is in limited access mode.