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Version: Updated: 2023-11-29 16:56:05


Documentation for the Queues Page

Queues Schema

activebooleanYesFlag for whether or not the queue is active, and can be joined or sessions created from it
max_queue_group_sizeintegerYesThe maximum size of a group that can join this queue
match_making_template_group_idstringYesID for which group of matchmaking templates/rules will be used when joining this queue
legacy_configobjectNoSee schema
sandbox_idstringNoID of the Sandbox
last_modified_account_idstringNoAccount ID of the user who last modified the resource
last_modified_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was last modified
created_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when this resource was created
queue_idstringYesID to uniquely identify this queue

Legacy_config Schema

queue_idintegerNoOld queue id