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Version: Updated: 2023-11-29 16:56:05


Documentation for the Items Page

Items Schema

custom_dataobjectNoCustom data associated with the resource
namestringNoName of the resource
descriptionstringNoDescription of the resource
item_typeobjectNoSee schema
entitled_loot_idstringNoThis is only valid for an entitlement Item. When this item is granted and Inventory Session creation, this is the Loot ID that will be fulfilled.
level_xp_table_idstringNoThe XP Table that is used to determine the Player’s level for this XP. The level increase occurs when the quantity of this Item increases above the minimum XP of an XP Level. This is only valid for an unit Item.
level_vendor_idstringNoThe vendor containing the rewards to grant to the player as they level up. If a level_xp_table_id is configured, when this item is granted to a player their quantity is converted to a level using that table and rewards are granted based on the sort_order of loot inside this reward vendor. If there is no level_xp_table_id configured, the quantity is used to select loot to grant from this reward vendor. This is only valid for an unit Item.
inventory_bucket_use_rule_set_idstringNoThe Inventory Bucket Use Rule Set ID that determines how this item can be used across buckets.
coupon_discount_percentagenumberNoThe amount the price is discounted. This is a percentage between 0 and 1. For example, 0.25 would be a 25% discount.
coupon_consume_on_usebooleanNoIf true, the coupon will be consumed when used by decreasing the quantity in the Player’s Inventory by 1. If false, the coupon will remain in the Player’s inventory after use.
coupon_discount_lootarrayNoList of Loot IDs this item can discount
coupon_discount_currency_item_namestringNoName of corresponding currency Item ID
coupon_discount_currency_item_idstringNoThe Item ID of the currency to be used for the coupon.
sandbox_idstringNoID of the Sandbox
last_modified_account_idstringNoAccount ID of the user who last modified the resource
last_modified_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was last modified
created_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was created
item_idstringYesThe Item ID.
legacy_item_idintegerNoThe Legacy Item ID.
entitled_loot_namestringNoName corresponding entitled Loot ID
level_vendor_namestringNoName of corresponding level Vendor ID
level_xp_table_namestringNoName of corresponding level XP Table ID
inventory_bucket_use_rule_set_namestringNoName of corresponding Inventory Bucket Use Rule Set ID

Item_type Enum Values

unitAn item that is stored in a player’s catalog.
recipeA Loot with the ItemType receipt will fulfill SubVendor Loot and will not stored in a player’s catalog.
recipe_with_price_reductionThe same as ItemType.recipe but will reduce the price based on whether or not the player owns items in the SubVendor’s Loot table.
entitlementAn entitlement is a special item that is stored in a player’s catalog and is fulfilled to the player each time an Inventory Session is created and when the Entitlement is fulfilled to the Player.