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Version: Updated: 2023-11-29 16:56:05


Documentation for the Ranks Page

Ranks Schema

namestringYesReadable name to identify this Rank
rank_maxnumberYesThe maximum skill value that can be achieved in this Rank
rank_minnumberYesThe minimum skill value that can be achieved in this Rank
trueskill_sigma_minnumberNoThe minimum sigma value achievable in this Rank when calculating with Trueskill
trueskill_betanumberNoTrueskill’s default beta value, which represents the distance in rating to have ~76% chance of winning for the higher rated player. Trueskill’s default is 4.167
trueskill_default_munumberNoTrueskill’s default mu value, which represents player skill. Trueskill’s default is 25
trueskill_default_sigmanumberNoTrueskill’s default sigma, which represents the systems uncertainty on the player’s mu (higher values mean more uncertainty). Trueskill’s default is 8.333
trueskill_draw_probabilitynumberNoTrueskill’s draw probability. Trueskill’s default is 0.1
trueskill_taunumberNoTrueskill’s tau, which represents the additive dynamic factor. The higher the value, the more dynamic ratings will be (wins grant more, and losses lose more). Trueskill’s default value is 0.083
sandbox_idstringNoID of the Sandbox
last_modified_account_idstringNoAccount ID of the user who last modified the resource
last_modified_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was last modified
created_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when this resource was created
rank_idstringYesNo description