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Version: Updated: 2023-11-29 16:56:05


Documentation for the Profile Page

Profile Schema

join_modeobjectNoSee schema
rank_idstringYesWhich rank this queue should use MMR from to make matches from, and update at the end of match (1v1 MMR or 2v2 MMR for example)
num_sidesintegerYesThe number of sides a game in this queue will have (2 in a 1v1 and 3 in a 1v1v1 for example
min_players_per_sideintegerYesThe minimum number of players that can be on each team
max_players_per_sideintegerYesThe maximum number of players that can be on each team
min_players_per_linkingintegerYesThe minimum number of players that can be on a single linking (a party)
max_players_per_linkingintegerYesThe maximum number of players that can be on a single linking (a party)
max_side_deltaintegerYesThe maximum difference in players per side when generating a match from this profile
instance_request_template_idstringYesWhich instance request template is used for matches generated from this profile
taskforce_size_by_timeobjectNoSee schema
match_making_function_configobjectYesSee schema
match_making_stride_idstringYesWhich matchmaking strides should be used to divide the queue population
crossplay_partition_idstringYesWhich set of CrossplayPartitions rules should be used when generating matches in this profile
legacy_configobjectNoSee schema
trueskill_quality_by_time_max_qualitynumberNoThe trueskill quality threshold that this profile will start trying to match with
trueskill_quality_by_time_max_minutesnumberNoThe max amount of time we will try to create matches before quality will be disregarded
trueskill_quality_by_time_methodobjectNoSee schema
activebooleanYesFlag determining whether or not this profile will actively be ticked
supports_backfillbooleanYesFlag determining whether or not backfill objects should be created when generating matches in this profile
sandbox_idstringNoID of the Sandbox
last_modified_account_idstringNoAccount ID of the user who last modified the resource
last_modified_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was last modified
created_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when this resource was created
match_making_profile_idstringYesID to uniquely identify this MatchMakingProfile

Join_mode Enum Values

normalMode that determines what types of match requests the ticket will appear in
backfillMode that determines what types of match requests the ticket will appear in
created_beforeMode that determines what types of match requests the ticket will appear in

Taskforce_size_by_time Schema

min_decayed_sizeintegerYesThe minimum size this taskforce can decay to
starting_sizeintegerYesHow big the taskforce should be before any decay has occurred
decay_powerintegerYesAt what rate should the decay occur. 1 is linear, 2 quadratic etc
max_minutesnumberYesHow many minutes it will take for the taskforce size to fully decay

Match_making_function_config Schema

hoststringNoThe name of the matchmaking function that will be used to propose matches
portintegerNoWhich port the specified matchmaking function listens on
typeobjectNoSee schema

Type Enum Values

GRPCAn enumeration.
RESTAn enumeration.

Legacy_config Schema

queue_type_value_idintegerNoQueue type
task_force_numberintegerNoHow many taskforces are in a match
name_msg_idintegerNoThe message id of this Profile
desc_msg_idintegerNoThe description message id of this Profile
give_xp_flagbooleanNoWhether matches should award xp
giveachievementbooleanNoWhether matches should award achievements
block_reward_after_levelbooleanNoWhether or not rewards have a level limit
servertickrateintegerNoThe server tick rate
serverfubartickrateintegerNoTick rate threshold before the instance is considered fubar
playerconnectwaitintegerNoHow long to wait to allow players to connect
physicsthresholdnumberNoThe threshold of acceptable physics
PerformanceGroupintegerNoWhich performance group instances for this match belong to
game_mode_value_idintegerNoThe game mode ValidValue
SurveyFreqintegerNoHow frequently a match should be surveyed
NoTaskforceSelectionbooleanNoWhether or not players should be allowed to choose their own taskforce
RecordClientStatsbooleanNoWhether or not client stats should be recorded
ServerDBStatWriteSecondsintegerNoHow frequently stats should be written to the DB
min_players_per_teamintegerNoMinimum number of players required on each team
max_players_per_teamintegerNoMaximum number of players allowed on each team
allowlivespectatebooleanNoWhether or not these matches can be spectated without a delay
match_queue_idintegerNoQueue id
deserter_flagbooleanNoWhether or not leaving these matches should give deserter
ranking_type_idintegerNoRank id
game_type_value_idintegerNoGame type ValidValue
PeerToPeerbooleanNoWhether or not game should be hosted as P2P

Trueskill_quality_by_time_method Enum Values

two_term_quadraticAn enumeration.