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Unofficial Engines and Languages

If you are looking to utilize RallyHere’s environment APIs in a language or engine that we don’t have an official integration for, you can still use the APIs directly or by creating a client from our API specification.

OpenAPI Specification File

All RallyHere APIs are defined with an OpenAPI spec defining the endpoints, requests, responses, and the model objects used by them.

The most up-to-date spec file can be found here. This is generated using the openapi-spec-environment repository.

Generated API Clients

The OpenAPI specification file can be used to generate a language/engine specific implementation of the bare API calls. We recommend OpenAPI Generator for this purpose. All official RallyHere integrations are generated using this tool, and we include any custom generators alongside our integrations. This allows teams to customize the generated client, if necessary.

OpenAPI Generator supports a number of other languages for client generators.