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Organizations Products and Sandboxes

RallyHere’s Developer Portal has a hierarchy to organize your games and environments. This allows you to have multiple products configured with separate build management, environments, and sandboxes for configuration management.

For Example:

  • Organization: Amazing Game Studios
    • Product: CoolGame
      • Sandbox: Dev
      • Sandbox: Live
      • Environment: Dev (uses sandbox Dev)
      • Environment: Live (uses sandbox Live)
    • Product: AnotherCoolGame
      • Sandbox: Dev
      • Sandbox: Test
      • Sandbox: Live
      • Environment: Dev (uses sandbox Dev)
      • Environment: PublicTest (uses sandbox Test)
      • Environment: Xbox Certification (uses sandbox Test)
      • Environment: PSN Certification (uses sandbox Test)
      • Environment: Live (uses sandbox Live)


After getting set up in the Developer Portal, you will already have an organization. Organizations are the top-level entities in the Developer Portal. They are used to group together users, products, sandboxes, and environments.

Usually, your company will have a single organization for managing your data in RallyHere.


Products are used to organize RallyHere resources for a game or applications.

When you manage applications and builds for your game, it will be managed for an individual product.


Sandboxes are used to store configuration data. This allows major configuration changes without impacting other sandboxes. Your development team can create as many sandboxes as needed to support your development lifecycle.

When you want to manage session types, queues, items, pricing, and other configuration data for your game, that can be found inside each sandbox.


Environments are used to store user data and each have separate deployed builds. You may have multiple environments for a single product, to support your development workflow.

When you manage look up inventory or settings data for a user, it will be for an individual environment.

Each environment is associated with a single sandbox, the association for which sandbox’s configuration to use with an environment is available in the Developer Portal.