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Setting Types

Version: Updated: 2023-11-29 16:56:05


Documentation for the Setting Types schema

Setting Types Schema

custom_dataobjectNoCustom data associated with the resource
namestringNoName of the resource
descriptionstringNoDescription of the resource
last_modified_account_idstringNoAccount ID of the user who last modified the resource
last_modified_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was last modified
created_timestampstringNoTimestamp of when the resource was created
setting_type_unique_idstringYesUnique identifier for this setting type
typestringYesUser friendly identifier of setting type
versionintegerNoVersion of setting type schema
value_jsonschemaobjectNoJSONSchema definition of the setting
allow_updatebooleanNoWhether setting type can be updated
key_regexstringNoRegex that is used to verify keys at assignment time