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Legacy Support Tool

RallyHere is rapidly iterating on the new Developer Portal, to provide the best experience and toolset for developing and managing your games. While existing features are being migrated, your can still manage your games using the Legacy Support Tool.

User Support

The Legacy Support Tool provides the ability to manage users, and their data. This includes:

  • Player Searching
  • Viewing Player Data
    • Linked Platforms
    • Inventory, and orders
    • Settings
    • Link history
    • Ban History
    • Current Sessions and audit of session history
    • Platform Entitlements
    • Ranks
    • Reports sent/received
    • Friends/Blocked Players
  • Player Modification
    • Deletion (including for GDPR)
    • Banning
    • Changing Role
    • Forcibly Linking/Unlinking or changing Cross Progression status
    • Submitting new Player Orders
  • Match Searching
  • Viewing Match Data
    • Match Summary Details
    • Players in the match
    • Instances/Allocations
    • Sessions
    • Match Segments (rounds, etc)
    • Viewing and downloading match files and developer files (such as instance logs)
  • Mass orders, for bulk operations
  • Analytics (CCU, DAU, new players, and sales)

Environment Configuration

  • Promotion Code Configuration and Generation