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Custom Environment Domains

RallyHere supports using a custom domain for each environment. This will allow you to use a friendlier URL in your game client, on your website, and will appear in any OAuth consent screens with third-party platforms (such as Steam).

Your RallyHere environment URL is available in the Developer Portal, and will be of the form (e.g.

Naturally, something like is easier to remember and work with. OAuth consent screens, in particular, have caused some end-users to be confused about their security and create support tickets.


  1. Create a CNAME record in your DNS provider pointing to the RallyHere environment URL.
    1. IP Addresses underlying the RallyHere environment URL are not guaranteed to be stable, so a CNAME record will ensure that your custom domain continues to work without additional future maintenance.
  2. Provide your custom domain to your RallyHere representative to apply the custom domain to your environment.

TLS Certificates

As part of configuration a custom domain, RallyHere will automatically renew and manage certificates for the domain. You do not need to provide your own certificates.